CityMore idea was born out of individual needs and real-life problems.

So many source of information:
Lots of institutions and corporations organize many different type of activities. Municipalities, Infrastructure Companies, Ministries, Universities, Professional Chambers etc., they all issue activity announcements or warnings like electricity/water shortages, or construction services affecting traffic conditions. They also organize many free activities like festivals, concerts, games etc.

It is impossible for people to follow so many distributed data sources (e.g. their web sites or specific mobile apps). For example, in Ankara there are 36 municipalities and 3 corporations supplying those services. They all have their own web sites, some of them have their apps but it is very rare that people know exactly their municipality boundaries or which company supply which services.

CityMore makes life easier...

People would like to have information, which should meet to their personal preferences, and within a chosen distance. CityMore allows users to define their preferred notifications in terms of distance and type of activities, warnings, and announcements.
As a citizen, you can share the activity you like, or the announcement you evaluate as important, with your friends through social media, and add them to your personal calendar.
You can also increase your awareness for your relatives who need your care.

For Citizens:

Instant, focused, consolidated and location-based knowledge with feedback possibility.

For Organizations

Announcing their activities and reaching their community, getting feedback easily at a low cost. Possibility to reach even more citizens.

For Developers

Realizing their ideas and integrating them into a ready platform with many users, starting to build with ready components and services.

Two way interaction with Citizens...

It provides the opportunity to receive feedback from the citizens about the services.

  • Notifications filtered by personel preferences
  • Favorite locations suitable for your interests and geographic location
  • Evaluation of services
  • Social media integration
Notifications filtered by personel preferencesFavorite locations suitable for your interests and geographic locationEvaluation of servicesSocial media integration

CityMore Subscription Model

CityMore will be commercial for data suppliers and charge will be on subscription base. Beside subscription, organizations can purchase extra credits for publishing their events on showroom. Emergency or alarm announcements will be on high priority and will not be charged. Non-profit organizations will be free of charge.

All individual users and citizens will use CityMore mobile app for free. Organizations will have choice of using CityMore on cloud or CityMore on premise. There will be 3 license models based on functionality.

What is original about the idea?

• Consolidate city data for citizens. More CityMore users, more municipalities, more data.
• Location based Poll capability with CityPoll
• City as a Platform
• Focused notifications (location, area of interest, …)
• Multiple awareness points - Monitor not only your neighborhood but beloved ones.
• Cloud
• Openness - API/SDK
• Single point of event management in the organization

CityConnect: Public data is ready to use


Non-profit non-governmental organizations


CityMore is multilingual


Social benefit – underserved population


More Than An Application



Preliminary Feedbacks from Potential Customers

Preliminary Feedbacks from Potential Customers
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