Şehir Teknolojileri Software Inc.

Cities are “smart” and getting even smarter. Citizens, desire to take advantage of unlimited opportunities offered by Cities as much as possible. People want to keep moving without being affected of any possible troubles or inconveniences.

Şehir Teknolojileri Software Inc. brings the appropriate information, for ourselves for our friends, families and may be for our needy relatives, to fulfill our expectations from the urban life, at the right time in the right place.

Urban population is growing in the World and in Turkey, people tend to live in cities. According to reports of United Nations, in 2050 two thirds of World population will be living in cities. Number of “mega cities” will reach to 43. Today, 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 68% by 2050. Projections show that urbanization, the gradual shift in residence of the human population from rural to urban areas, combined with the overall growth of the world’s population could add another 2.5 billion people to urban areas by 2050 according to a new United Nations data set launched in 2018

According to Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) data sets, %92,5 of Turkish population live in cities (in provinces and small towns). The rest %7,5 reside in villages and in rural areas.

Şehir Teknolojileri Software Inc., coming from its name “City Technologies”, opens the doors of higher quality life to citizens with future technologies, to help citizens looking for comfort, peace and happiness.

Smart Cities

“Frost and Sullivan” define Smart Cities as cities having at least 5 of these 8 parameters.

  1. Smart Administration and Smart Education
  2. Smart Health
  3. Smart Buildings
  4. Smart Transportation
  5. Smart Infrastructure
  6. Smart Technology
  7. Smart Energy
  8. Smart Citizen

Smart Cities and IoT (Internet of Things)

Forbes Insights, The Mobile Industrial revolution: Anticipating the Impact and Opportunities of 5G Networks on Buiness, June 2016, this research revealed that the number of connection per square kilometer, will rise from 20K with 4G to “1 Million” with 5G.

In 2025, estimated number connection between people, things and organizations will be 100 billion. According to report, “Connected Vehicle” published by Accenture in April 2016, all the cars will be “connected” in the year of 2025.

Şehir Teknolojileri Software Inc. helps our executives and citizens to be prepared for future by today. Smart Cities and Internet of Things infrastructure is brought to mobile phones of citizens with cloud technology.

Every “things” will be “connected” very soon. We will be connected with institutions and with each other. We will need tools, to help us choose among these connections, which fit most to our personal preferences. We make this platform ready for tomorrow by today.

Mobile vision of “Şehir Teknolojileri”

We are social and Hootsuit published social media statistics “Digital in 2018 in Western Asia”

  • Electronic device usage in Turkey keep increase in 2018 in favor of mobile devices.
    • 98% of adult population use mobile phone, and 77% of these are smart phone.
  • Desktop and laptop usage is 48% and tablet users’ percentage is 25%.

  • People use their mobile phone to connect internet.
    • 36% of internet users prefers desktops or laptops, but 62% of them use their mobile devices for internet.

CityMore – smart future

CityMore is a platform with many layers serving to variety of user types. For citizens it has a mobile application to access the shared data by organization. For organizations it has a web application to manage and share events, announcements and polls. For developers CityMore API is available with easy-to-use services. CityMore basically connects citizens and cities.