CityMore Frequently Asked Questions

Some interesting points about CityMore;

CityMore, helps you to receive notifications (specific to your location and to your personal preferences) about all activities, warnings, announcements, festivals, concerts of any organization like municipalities, governmental institutions, universities, professional chambers or any interruption of the services of infrastructure companies (electricity, gas, water) into your mobile phone. You’ll be able to see them on map, share on social media with your friends and send feedbacks to authorized service providers. 

Yes, it sends notifications of ongoing network maintenance and upgrade Works, how long those planned outages will last and when services will get back normal. 

Yes, you can get notification about particular locations that you marked as your favourite. You can add photos to these favorite points and see them on the map. You can add as many favorite points as you like, parents, family members, disabled individuals, home, work, friend, travel point

Yes, you set these limits yourself in CityMore. You can be aware of the activities of all municipalities near where you live. 

CityMore allows you to choose what you like, what your interests are, and you will be notified accordingly. You can change your preferences at any time. You determine the types of events that interest you. What kind of warnings, which announcements you receive or not in your hands. You can even select the institutions you want and set up to receive notifications only from the institutions you select.

No, you don’t need to provide any personal information in the standard CityMore usage.

CityMore is completely free for all mobile users.